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The 13.3 Edition of the Slot Card Guide was released October 2018 !

Click here  for more information or to download a FREE copy

Thumbnails of various groups of slot cards and other items are provided on the following pages so you can quickly view what's available. Select the desired category from the menu at the left. Then click on any thumbnail image for a larger view and click again for full size images so you can easily check the details of each item.  There are front and back views of most cards. Cards are generally listed alphabetically by the casino name with later additions included at the end of each page. After you expand any image, just use your browser back arrow to return to the main page to view another group.  Hotel room keys and postcards are also included along with what's left of my casino chips and tokens.

In most cases I'll trade my more common slot cards one-for-one but any premium/higher value or foreign cards would be available for anything of somewhat equal value however we can work that out. If you have  a pile of slot cards you want to get rid of, let me know and maybe we can work out some sort of trade. I'm always looking for all sorts of variations, player number prefixes and more so it never hurts to go through as many cards as I can. If you find anything you need in the items I have available, or you have any questions, please contact me via email 

Most of the items shown on my website are now available for sale via my store on the Delcampe auction website (see below for links). I currently have over 11,000 slot cards listed on Delcampe, with more cards still being added as time allows. There's also a large number of coupons and other paper items listed on Delcampe that are not shown here. All items on Delcampe are generally listed with a fixed price but I am open to offers or trades. Note that I can still trade or sell direct any item listed on Delcampe!

Requests for any items from my website or Delcampe sales will be honored in the order they're received. I try to update both websites as my available doubles change so there are frequent updates. Each page on my website  is dated so you'll know when it was last changed.

If you're not a collector but have some casino slot cards laying around, let me know -- they might just be worth something and I'd be happy to make a fair offer!

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Delcampe doesn't have specific Casino Memorabilia categories

so here's where you can find my items, including a few non-casino things:

I've included hot links below so you can go directly to any category of interest in my store

or you can use their great search tool to locate any specific items you're looking for

Casino SLOT CARDS are in: 

        Other Collections/Modern Collectible Cards/Casino Cards

Casino & general ROOM KEY cards are in:  

        Other Collections/Modern Collectible Cards/Hotel Keycards

Casino & general GIFT CARDS are in:

        Other Collections/Modern Collectible Cards/Gift Cards

Casino COUPONS, tickets, brochures, etc. are in:

        Old Paper/Advertising

Casino & general BUSINESS CARDS are in:

        Old Paper/Visiting Cards

Casino CHIPS & TOKENS are in:

        Coins & Banknotes/Tokens & Medals

Casino PINS are in:


Casino & general POSTCARDS are listed by location and/or topic in:

(use the locations to see only the Casino related cards)


Phone cards, amateur radio QSL cards and other miscellaneous items are listed in additional categories on the main storefront. There's now over 15,000 items currently listed!